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Hey there. I am currently looking for at least 4 members ( for now ) to join me in making games together.

Sure, I'm still a student ( 17 years old ) but this is what I wish to achieve in the future.


My goal is simple:

:- Create my own game development team consisting of 5 members total.

:- Work together as a team, and also learn game related things together.

:- Successfully finish a simple game, and upload it to any source ( Google Play, Steam, Origin, etc... )

:- Gain popularity as a team over the time.


My role in the team is the producer or manager, or maybe the leader.

I do have talent regarding to creating games. My main ability is creating 3D Models via SketchUp, and I've had experience doing it for about 2-3 years.

I did learn a bit of programming, but I only understand the basics of it. I can't really make a functioning program.

Currently, I'm learning the basics of making music using FL Studio 12, and I will learn basic animation, level design and character modelling in the future.


Requirements To Join:

1. Good English communicating skills.

2. Always online whenever needed.

3. Good internet connection/speed.

4. Have a decent computer/laptop.

5. At least knows the basics of game development related topics.

6. Have a good camera and a set of headphones with mic, or just regular mic ( needed in the future ).


Roles Available:

1. Programmer - Main language is C#, but can also use Java ( I recommend C# ).

2. Music Producer - Can create music according to the game's settings, and also create sounds.

3. Animator - Can do decent animation of characters, vehicles and more.

4. Graphics Designer - Able to do colour schemes, 2D sprites and more.


Send me a message if interested.



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Hi, I was interested in the programming side. I can program in C# and JavaScript and I am pretty skilled with unity. I can also do 3D and 2D graphics and I am good with animations, visuals and graphics. Is there a way to contact you or do you  have a discord chat I can join? (I don't have a webcam)

- Elias from Finland

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