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Programmer Looking for Serious Project

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Hello, I am a programmer with a lot of free time and want to dedicate that time to a serious project. I don't mind what sort of project I work on or how big the scope is but I do ask that the project has been established and is managed well. I really enjoy RPG games and I enjoy developing large systems that scale. I have been programming for around seven years using C# and Unity, I have a good grasp on Object-Oriented Programming and good systems design. I have had experience with coding in other languages such as Java and have experience in other areas of programming such as database programming. My main speciality when it comes to programming is general gameplay scripting and UI, that being said I really want to get into Tools development. when I develop tools for games I prefer to use WPF and/or Winforms. I would ideally like to join a project that is already well established and has a solid team behind it. I can work well both independently and as part of a team. I have experience with working in Agile development team as well.

If you are interested in me joining one of your projects, you can send me a message.


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Are you just looking to volunteer for something to get some experience? If so, I would recommend contributing to libre games, like the ones here:


You mentioned RPGs. I know of two projects you might be interested in that could use the help: Naev, which is a sandbox space game inspired by Escape Velocity, and Freedroid RPG, which is an RPG that I've heard is similar to Diablo. Naev, especially, is so huge that it probably can never be finished unless a lot of people help out. But there are others that I am unfamiliar with as well.

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Hi, we're currently developing a fantasy 3D action game and we could really use your skills. The project is royalty paid , please contact me at pauldando21@icloud.com if you're interested in learning more,

regards ,

paul dando


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