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Programmer looking for focused, achievable project

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I'm a programmer looking for a project to join. I have a Bachelor's in CS, I'm comfortable with C++, C#, and Python, and am passingly familiar with a bunch of other languages.
Over the years I've built small stuff on my own, but I find it hard to design a game and implement it at the same time, all myself. I want to contribute to a project that could actually go somewhere, or that I could at least show to potential industry employers.
What I'm hoping for:
  • A small, tightly focused, achievable project
  • A lead programmer already on board
  • A serious goal to publish, even if that means posting it for free somewhere.
I'm open to pretty much any platform, genre, type of game, etc. I do not expect money -- a hobbyist or rev-share project is fine. I'm confident I can learn pretty much any technology you're using, and you'll get more programmer hours on your team.
If you PM me or leave your details here, we can arrange a conversation.

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How are you with SDL and OpenGL? We already have our project up and going. But could use another coder to assist the lead with maintaining the engine(its our own). We really need someone to help add in more support for additional input devices. But it'd be a bonus if you knew a bit of server/client stuff as well.


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Ifrit, email sent, thanks!

Hi PhyerBoss -- I've used simple OpenGL for 2D graphics on a couple different projects, one of which was a game in C++ using SDL. (Sadly, that project never went much further...) Let me take a look at your website and I'll get in touch if it looks like a good fit.

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