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    • By MadeWithRealLemons
      Hello all, I'm pretty new to programming and game development but I'm currently studying computer science at FSU and am just working on a project on that side that I hope to put on my resume one day... Any and all advice would be welcome!  I made a quick, shitty, little dev vlog where I just spliced a few of the features I've added into a single video.
      Please leave a comment if you have any words of encouragement or advice!  
    • By vividgamer
      I have a native iOS game (objective c, XCode build) which I am considering to port to other platforms.
      Core gameplay is based on solely on geographical maps, and custom drawing over maps. It also has Core Data. This part is complete in development.
      What is not done yet is: monetization, gamification (leaderboards, challenges) and multiplayer functionality.
      As I think more about it, I am tempted to think if this is the right time to move to a cross platform tool such as Unity. But before dedicating time to port my 5 years side-project effort in Objective C, I really want to know if its worth it.
      - Does Unity support such plugins / assets that will fulfill all my above requirements?
      - Unity Personal seems to have only 20 concurrent users - is it too costly scaling if I decide for extending to web and android platforms?
      - What is the general workflow involved in publishing to iOS, Android, PC, and web platforms while using Unity? I mean to ask about various points of signing stuff, paying fees and getting certified.
      - How long will it really take to port my entire Objective C project into Unity? I am somewhat familiar with C# but I am finding it hard fidgeting with Unity IDE as lot of things are focused around FPS and 3D while my game is still 2d - not much action involved. I seem bit overwhelmed by the list of features I see there. All in all, I do not want to lose my momentum while still making sure its portable to everywhere.
      - Any assets I could use (for free to try basis in debug) that are relevant for my game?
      - Last but not the least, are there any costs that I need to be paying upfront to Unity, for using it (apart from their monthly subscription model)? I don't understand their costing for multiplayer in conjunction with their subscription fees - if someone could kindly elaborate.
      Thanks in advance for your time reading a newbie
    • By pokemasterxbox1
      I would like to know what the limits of updates are can an update change everything in a game example lets say i want to make a graphics update could i make graphics that look like GTA San Andreas look like GTA 5 graphics or is that impossable?
    • By mikesayso
      Hi Guys,
      Michael here, I work for a company called SaySo Rewards.
      I actually have a post about our company that you can find on this forum. It talks about how we are trying to work more closely with game developers to help with their funding while also rewarding the player.
      So super quick post. I have a home-made survey I would love it if anyone on here with 2-3 minutes free time could fill in.
      We will be attending GDC in San Francisco next week and it would be great to have some numbers on this to present at the conference.
      Please answer honestly, there are no personal questions being asked. 
      Could you do me a HUGE favor and leave a comment here if you do fill in the survey, I would really appreciate.
      Thanks guys, keep on gaming. Link below:
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Hi guys

I want to know what what is good practice to version balance update in a game.

We have game version like 1.1.0 and our balance properties are on the server. We want to notify user that balance changed, but we want to attach some version to that.
So for example we could display info in the game and change the version to 1.1.1 (still in application manager app will have version 1.1.0 because we don't update whole app just change version inside)
Or we can add another version of server or balance itself, or maybe show date.

What is a good way to keep game version and display balance updates? 


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Using letters added to the version, which are updated server side. In example:

1.1.0a, 1.1.0b...

Store version remains as 1.1.0 and server version updates with letters. When the game version increases, you reset letter to A.

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That's some option, we can also add 4th number But still thinking about more cleaner way of doing that.

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2 hours ago, likon said:

and change the version to 1.1.1 (still in application manager app will have version 1.1.0 because we don't update whole app just change version inside

Not really, 1.1.0 displays "1.1.0" as version, 1.1.1 should display version "1.1.1". Something in client should change thus.

You likely also want to handle the case where both the server and the client change.


I would think just have a single version for both server and client, even if client is the same for 99.9%. (ie small update patch in that case). It solves a whole bunch of trouble if a single number identifies the entire system rather than having to retrieve the exact configuration afterwards in some way. It also reduces testing if a single client version can talk to a server.

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3 hours ago, likon said:

We want to notify user that balance changed

That is always risky.  Many people are deeply attached to their specific settings, and will vocally complain about how a character class has been 'nerfed', how they will refuse to play, how they will flood every online forum telling them about it, and more.

In online games, I prefer the policy that they must always have the latest version in order to play online. It simplifies many things, and avoids incompatibility issues. While they should not be problems, sometimes even minor compilation differences can be enough to cause different builds to be subtly incompatible.


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