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Finished my first game, Vidya Dash, free on PC (Mac coming soon)

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I just completed my first game in Game Maker, it's called Vidya Dash. It's free on PC, should have a Mac installer in the next couple of weeks.

Features some sprites from Jennifer D'aww's Patreon Sprite Packs (e.g. non-human enemies, most of the tokens) , music mixed by James Opie.

I have a gamejolt page for it:


t's a platformer/shooter high score game inspired by classic arcade games like Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Metal Slug, Space Invaders and others. There are 11 levels and 2 boss fights, character color customization, a trial/star mode and an arcade mode. I originally planned on making it a multiplayer game but thought it best to focus on single player first. There is an upgrade system already implemented to upgrade body parts (feet, legs, torso, arms, hands and head), e.g. upgrading feet grants a dash ability, legs grant double jump, etc. but I left it out to keep the score manageable. I hope to add more arcade cabinets/game modes using the upgrade system in the future.

Thanks for you time, I hope you have fun!


There is also a trailer:



Level 1.png

Level 6.png

Level 8.png

Level Gondola.png

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