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Looking for Companies that offer Game Download Manager Solution (similar to Blizzard App)

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Hello everyone;

We are looking for companies that can provide us a game download manager software.

We have 4 pc games. what we want is: user will download a small exe and from that exe, they will be able to download the client of all our games. What we are looking for is quite similar to Battle App / Blizzard App.

So far we found two companies: Reloaded Tech and SolidStateNetworks. /* Moderator edit: Remove request for personal email */

I will be glad if you guys can advise me other companies.


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Sorry for the edit, but these are discussion forums.  If someone has answers and knows about other options, please place them in the forums so they can help other people for years to come.

If people reply directly through email then future people will search for the same question, find this result that should give answers, but get no answers because they've all been sent to a personal email address instead of attached to the discussion.  Posting the answer on the site allows everyone to use the knowledge.

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The typical term for this is "launcher" or "patcher." They are usually developed in-house because of customization needs, e.g. game-specific art, logos, audio, etc. I don't know of a middleware provider that develops launchers personally, but you might be able to find some with a little help from Google.

I think the reasons for your seeking middleware become very important in this case. If you want someone to host the downloads themselves and offer a turn-key update solution, there are existing "app store" style services on most major platforms. Steam comes to mind as an obvious example. The next level of control is to host your downloads someplace, front them with a Content Delivery Network of some kind (requires making a business partnership), and write your own patching/versioning logic.

Ultimately there are many options for solving the digital distribution challenge, but which ones are right for you will depend heavily on your needs and internal capabilities and resources.

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