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Looking for Free Text To Speech Voices

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I'm looking for some free text to speech voices.

I want to record some audio files from text.

By "free": I mean that the audio files I generate need to be free.

Most free TTS software and APIs do not allow you to distribute the resulting audio files in a commercial product, because the "voices" themselves are copyrighted.

Googling on the web I have found  the likes of pico2wave that ship with Ubuntu, however they sound very outdated and sterile.

On the other hand I have found Amazon Poly and GoogleTTS, both of which I cannot understand if I can use the resulting TTS recordings freely (as opposed to using the API).

It is important to make a distinction between using an API to generate a voice on a client device, to distributing prerecorded recordings with your software. It would seem that alot of services make such a distinction in their licenses.

Does anyone have any advice/experience with a good free TTS program?

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