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I am Glitch_Found. I chose this username because I'm good at spotting glitches. BUT! I'm not here to talk about glitchesB|. I have a thought in my mind of something "Like" a game. Is anybody a fan of 💥 explosions? I am they make me cheerful "in games" real bombs are tragic and deadly.


  I love in-game explosions! I blow up everything in minecraft. But, if anybody can help me, I would like an app for pc/ios about creating custom bombs and doing destruction on different maps. It is not supposed to be realistic, in fact, I want it to be cartoony to make it cool/easier on the eyes. I would like the following:

-explosion shape (from a cube all the way to an advanced spherical shape)

-sfx from the fuse to the explosion sound

-texture (can range from a simple solid color to a complex gradient. Also use emojis on sphericals. (Faces only)

-shockwave ring (a ring of colored smoke that appears from the main explosion and extends outwards.

(sub options "explosion ring"


-smoke density

-fps (frames per second)

-effect (does it vibrate a certain material or evaporate water? Does it knock back people with extreme streingh? Or does it cut trees down that it collides with? Can it totally slice a mountain in half and send the top half flying?)

-extra abilities (freezes water? Spawn a fire? Carry houses like a tornado?))

-after effects:

-Shrink the explosion at the end (optional)

-turn living creatures into a specified material (optional)

-summon a black hole once explosion has shrunk down to size 0 ( optional)

-pull in materials (specified)(optional) 

-create lava spout before spawning explosion (optional) (customizable: shoot molten rocks that blow up once on land. Speed. Height)

-implode with custom particles (optional


P.S. shapes include nuke animation please! :D

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Do you need help making this game or did you just want someone to do it for you?

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I wouldn't say "want" I'd love help, but I'd also like to do it alone if possible, but otherwise I'd love it if you can refer me to a good programming language for beginners… thank you 👍🏻


P.S. To Tom,

  I was looking for that hobby forum but it didn't show up…

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Okay. If you want to find the best programming language for your first project, use the For Beginners forum (and don't use words that suggest you want people to join you in your project).

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Hi thanks.

ill be sure to post a free download of my WIP (RPG maker) game for u guys when I'm done with that too. Good luck to u guys too on anything you are doing.

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