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What do you think of Modular textures/assets? [STUDIES PURPOSES]

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Hello guys, first time poster here but been using 3DS for a while now. I am currently working on a research concerning Modular Texturing/Assets for my studies and I need some 3D modelers/artists to help me with this survey. I would greatly appreciate if you could take 5 minutes of your time to answer my questions. (My survey has been online for a week now and responses have been quite low, and I reaaaaaaally need it. Just around 10 more participants should do the trick.)

Sorry to bother you guys. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't really important. Thanks loads!

P.S: Promise, no scamming, no virus, just questions and a student trying to be done ASAP with his research class.

Link: https://goo.gl/forms/XJhXZrRNfyVTgQ132

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