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[HELP] explosions in Videos Games

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Hello again guys, I wanted to ask, what is the best way to create a realistic explosion for video games? What are the step to follow and the software to use? I know it's a pretty big question but at this point I cannot find any good tutorial except for creating one using asset packs and I don't want that. I want to create it by myself from scratch. Currently I am using After Effects (which I am still a novice with), then assembling particles in Unity and I don't like the output that I am receiving.

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I created explosions mostly for 2D games, but I might have a few suggestions for you.

Use some sort of fire sprites for the actual explosion. Define an area where your fire sprites shall be emitted. When creating the explosion, burst a few particles with the fire sprite inside the area. Depending of the game, the area should be 2D or 3D.

Use a mix of smoke particles with fire particles which are pretty much flying straight away from the explosion.

Play with the lighting. Explosions are pretty bright, so you could set a light source where the explosion is.

Use as much particles as possible (even for the fire). 

Last but not least: Use references. Check out a few games with great explosions, learn how they are built up, try to copy them. Even try copying more than one explosion.

Hope it will help you with your work. :)


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