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Level Design Tutorials

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Hello all! I have been working my way around UE4 for about a week now. I've set my goal as creating playable levels for games. Problem is, I need some good tutorials. Not ones that you have to pay for if possible. I'm looking for ones that will address all aspects from level design from:

1. Initial Idea

2. Getting the materials.

3. Building said level.

I've made a few houses, but I want to learn more such as:

1. Landscaping

2. Hallways

3. Corridors

And many more. If anyone can direct me to a good place, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

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The best free places are the UE4 documentation/wiki which is filled with tutorials, and the youtube channel as well which contain hundreds of 1 hour+ long teaching videos, there are entire playlist and even though I didn't know them all, probably they have something on the subject :P

stuff like this



What you mention though is probably too broad to be covered in a single structured way (and for free), so you have to watch the playlists on the single subjects and piece the knowledge together on your own I guess

Also they have one of this live training every week so you should subscribe (and take it slow) :P

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