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Funny Trump future history symbolic-RPG

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I am writing a hilarious, I think, RPG story, for political reasons. The game is designed to appeal to both Trump supporters and "haters." (?)

Do you want to participate in the exciting new future surreal history that is spiraling around us all, even as I speak? How about in game form, you (we) bunch of nerds!

The various characters will be portrayed by animals or even animated objects. The gameplay and scenarios reflect real political scenarios, challenges, and possibilities, but in a fantasy-like world.

I have written so much already, that I know I can really do this. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. However, it is huge, and will require much further effort to really pull off.

Where can I post some of the story, where it will get seen? I promise it will be interesting.

It is a Two-part story. In the first part, the Trump-like character (all characters will be given funny or symbolic names) takes over the world! After "Trump" beats the last boss, The game restarts, and a new protagonist has to stop "Trump," often in the same locations, but with the monsters and bosses that "Trump" had to defeat now becoming allies of the new hero, and vice versa.

I have already written the intro, an outline for Part 1, a sample dungeon, a sample boss battle.  The cut scenes are funny little stories in themselves, as they should be in this type of "retro" RPG in the JRPG mode of say Final Fantasy or Earthbound, SNES controls with some PC hotkey enhancements.

Just writing out the whole story would be a good thing for the world, in my opinion.

I want help getting this story to where I can get funding  for the programming, art, music and sound, and permissions for copyrighted material where necessary. (I am aware, as are we all)>

Pytho Black (almost time for the new R&M!)

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