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DX12: Map/Unmap a suballocation

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I am working on a resource manager for a DX12 framework. I have it setup with a buddy allocator system like the vulkan memory allocator by AMD. But there is one issue - map and unmap. Lets say I have an upload buffer and I make two suballocations from the upload buffer for two constant buffers. I map the upload buffer at the specific offsets, do a memcpy and unmap with the appropriate write range.

memcpy(triangleCBV->address, triData);
unmapBuffer(triangleCBV, triangleCBVOffset);

memcpy(rectCBV->address, rectData);
unmapBuffer(rectCBV, rectCBVOffset);

The second map does nothing. I only see the triangle and the rect never seems to get the cbv data. The data is just a float4 for color.

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What you described sounds like it should work, so I'm not sure what the issue is. 

Is there any particular reason why you're mapping and unmapping for each sub-allocation instead of just mapping the entire resource once and offsetting as necessary to write to the sub-buffers?

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Because the backing resource is not created as persistently mapped. I am trying to keep the number of persistent mapped resources to a minimum.

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