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2D Sprites flicker during scale animation - Coco2d-x c++ (FIXED)

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I have a grow / shrink animation sequence. But for some reason the sprite does not scale smoothly. I did change the animation interval and disabled depth test but it did not fix this.
What can be the reason behind this ?
Does does have something to do with art asset that is used ?

ScaleTo* zoom_in = ScaleTo::create(1, 1.5);
ScaleTo* zoom_out = ScaleTo::create(1, 1);
Sequence* anim = Sequence::create(zoom_in,zoom_out, NULL);

RepeatForever *rep = RepeatForever::create(anim);


To others who might come here looking for a solution to this issue or something similar,
I was able to fix this issue by enabling ‘CC_FIX_ARTIFACTS_BY_STRECHING_TEXEL’ in ccConfig.h

Edited by Naash
I fixed this issue and wanted to share the solution.

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