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Looking for an artist

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   I am working on a top down adventure game about a kid who accidentally brings his dads work to a school science fair and causes a mutant outbreak. The game will revolve around you fighting your way out of the school and into the town proper in search of your dad, rescuing your friends along the way. The game will include various weapons such as baseball bats, spitballs, slingshots, bbguns, hockey sticks, and more. The mutations will be based on what the person was doing at the time of infection, so there will be mutants based on various cliques in school, occupations, and just various activities. One example of this is the smoker mutant who exhales clouds of smoke to obscure your location and make it harder to fight.

My aim is to make a fun game that doesn't take itself too seriously, and borrows from games like legend of zelda, earthbound, and zombies ate my neighbors.

Anyway, i am wanting to concentrate on the programming and story of the game, so i am looking for a 2d or 3d artist to team up with to do the game art/animations. This is a hobby project, so i will work on it as i can, and would love it if i could find someone willing to do the same. If the game ever makes it to publication, meaning both of us are happy with the end result, and we decide to sell it all profits would be split 50/50. If you have any questions or thoughts, let me know.

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