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Hello, I am Michael and I have a concept for a game.

I would like to think it is a unique but simple idea, therefore I would like to hear some feeback off of someone else to see if they think it could work both in terms of being a success and being possible for as a future first project.

I would also like to specify that I am not looking for any partners in designing the concept and will not be pursuing the idea until I have the time, resources and ability.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear your feedback.

If you would like to give feedback, please do using private messages. Use replies only to discuss my post itself and not the concept that I am speaking of.

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Please don't cross post (that is, posting the same topic in multiple forums) - just choose one forum that you feel is most appropriate and a moderator will move your topic if necessary.

Please also see the note in your other topic about the forums being for discussion, not the place to solicit a private chat.

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    • By Canislupus54
      I aspire to develop games one day, and often write down ideas for game concepts I have. These aren't full design documents, and I'm not even sure they're full concept documents, if that's even a thing, but they've gotten more detailed overtime. This is the most recent one I wrote.
      I want critique on the document and the concept itself.
      I'm honestly not sure what the document should look like.
      For the game, I basically want to know if it sounds interesting/fun.
    • By Jammin' Sam
      I've been teaching myself music for 9 years now, and it all started when I became obsessed with Donkey Kong Country. The variety of sounds used stimulated my imagination and I've never grown bored with music ever since. I've studied all manner of styles from classical to modern EDM, and want to eventually master them all, but for now I'm sticking to film and game scores. I'm not very good at networking and I don't have a strong enough portfolio to strut around asking for jobs so here I am introducing my loser self. I've been working on a few tunes trying to develop my style: 
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      Looking to design a learning game that teaches formal, critical thinking. The demographic would be those who have never taken a critical thinking course or a logic course. But I just don't know what to use to create it. I'm a novice in programming but have the motivation to put in the time to learn.
      Starting the user out slow, focusing on argument form and the nature of arguments, how to identify the issue being discussed, identifying and evaluating value and descriptive assumptions, moving on to fallacies, types of evidence and their relative strengths/weaknesses, etc. Maybe adding sections on types of logic (syllogistic, propositional, predicate, modal.  
      More of a focus on text-based learning and interaction, but with images, animations, maybe video (I don't know).  
      Think of it as a modern and more interactive version of Logicola (it's ok if you don't know what that is).
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      i there !

      I'm starting a new original creation for Uko Creative ! It's a fantasy trailer inspired by the first volume of the sword of the truth (make on UE4) . I wanted to share my progress with you

      Here the first picture of a castle scene. The castle is not finished !
      Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of the picture


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