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Looking for feedback on a concept

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Hello, I am Michael and I have a concept for a game.

I would like to think it is a unique but simple idea, therefore I would like to hear some feeback off of someone else to see if they think it could work both in terms of being a success and being possible for as a future first project.

I would also like to specify that I am not looking for any partners in designing the concept and will not be pursuing the idea until I have the time, resources and ability.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear your feedback.

If you would like to give feedback, please do using private messages. Use replies only to discuss my post itself and not the concept that I am speaking of.

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Please don't cross post (that is, posting the same topic in multiple forums) - just choose one forum that you feel is most appropriate and a moderator will move your topic if necessary.

Please also see the note in your other topic about the forums being for discussion, not the place to solicit a private chat.

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