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Looking To Join Team: Part Two

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Welcome to my second posting. After a few offers to join teams and consideration I feel like I should have been more clear on my goals than I had previously posted.

My name is Aaron, and I am looking for an independent team of professionals to join. I found with some of the previous teams I checked out were lacking in management and in planning therefore I want to join a group who has a clear vision of what they want in a game and preferably with some documentation already written. I am looking to fill a programming spot, and spending around 30-40 hours a week on a game.

I am willing to write code for either Unity or Unreal. I have been using C# for a year now and C++ for two. I have used both engines in multiple projects during my two years in college in the Video Game Development program. I believe I have enough experience with both to confidently say I can be an asset to a team using either engine. To continue, I would like to join a team that actively uses Discord for communication, and has some sort of repository. I am very familiar with using Assembla, but I am willing to learn other sorts of repositories for a project. I am in the Eastern Time Zone, therefore a team with a similar time zone would be preferable.

I am looking for a game that is 3D to work on, with hopefully a medieval fantasy setting. I have done a FPS in the past and would not mind working on one either. I have done some multiplayer work in Unity using both UNet and Photon but I am willing to learn more if needed.

If you have a project that you would be interested for me to work on, please contact me through private message.

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Greetings, Im Mike Poole from Phyersoft.

We are still looking for as assistant coder with experience working in c++, openGL and SDL. To work with our current lead programmer in maintaining our in-house engine that powers our current project, "Barricade".


He would ultimately be the person that assigns the needed tasks. But, I can say for sure we need someone that can help add in more device support for USB game controllers. Plus add in client/server functionality for multiplayer and online scoreboards. We are using GitLab and Slack for communication and project management. We are a tightly knit group with a shared desire to and drive to get things done. Despite being fulltime workers or students. Therefore, 30-40hrs a week is perfect!

Barricade is currently in alpha right now. But is very stable and playable. We have appears at many events to showcase it. Each show has left us with overwhelming positive feedback. If interested. I can be reached by Skype(phyerboss) or by email(*MySkypename*-at-gmail)

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Check this out: http://www.wartothecore.com/vacancies/vacancy-intern-unity-3d-developer/

It maybe hard to join now, but always worth a try.

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