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Sanghoon Lee

C++ video streaming(youtube) in 3D environment?

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I want to upload a video to streaming service (like Youtube) and want to play it in my game.

I don't actually need it for "real 3D" like rotate or scale it.

I need it for main screen or lobby. It is 3D accelerated environment but looking 2d. (you know what I mean)

Is there any library does that or if none, how can I make it? (please just give me some guide)

Thank you.

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The easiest option is pre-built solutions. You didn't mention your system, but as Eck mentioned there are solutions for Unity and Unreal. 


FFMpeg and libVLC can both work, if you've got a good video stream already.


If you're streaming through the web, it is a heavyweight solution but you could try using WebKit for offscreen rendering, then pushing it to 3D textures as a video.



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