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Precision Problems with bouding sphere

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I tried to make two spheres with bounding sphere to detect collision so they stop when they collide. But it seems that im having a precision issue. They stey stuck together because of small decimal keeping it stuck. Is there a way around this? Since they are in a 3d space, adding or subtracting a little off seems impossible and expensive. How can I solve these precision issues?


The code I used.

oldleftright = leftright, oldupdown = updown;

    leftright += 0.0001;
    leftright -= 0.0001;
    updown -= 0.0001;
    updown += 0.0001;

collide = test.Intersect(test2);
if (collide)
    leftright = oldleftright;
    updown = oldupdown;
collide = false;


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