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    • By HexDump
      I'm starting a new project and would like to try 2d bone based animation. I have been using frame by frame animation but as you know this is a lot of work.
      I have been checking some games using 2d bone animation and almost all fall sort in animation quality. I have seen great idle animations but almost all walk, different attacks, etc. animations are pretty rigid and without expresiveness/life.
      Could anyone with experience explain if these problems with 2d bone animation are inherent to this type of animation? Can one get smooth animations with this technology? If it is not possible to get animations as good as with frame by frame animation could I get close?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By elect
      ok, so, we are having problems with our current mirror reflection implementation.
      At the moment we are doing it very simple, so for the i-th frame, we calculate the reflection vectors given the viewPoint and some predefined points on the mirror surface (position and normal).
      Then, using the least squared algorithm, we find the point that has the minimum distance from all these reflections vectors. This is going to be our virtual viewPoint (with the right orientation).
      After that, we render offscreen to a texture by setting the OpenGL camera on the virtual viewPoint.
      And finally we use the rendered texture on the mirror surface.
      So far this has always been fine, but now we are having some more strong constraints on accuracy.
      What are our best options given that:
      - we have a dynamic scene, the mirror and parts of the scene can change continuously from frame to frame
      - we have about 3k points (with normals) per mirror, calculated offline using some cad program (such as Catia)
      - all the mirror are always perfectly spherical (with different radius vertically and horizontally) and they are always convex
      - a scene can have up to 10 mirror
      - it should be fast enough also for vr (Htc Vive) on fastest gpus (only desktops)

      Looking around, some papers talk about calculating some caustic surface derivation offline, but I don't know if this suits my case
      Also, another paper, used some acceleration structures to detect the intersection between the reflection vectors and the scene, and then adjust the corresponding texture coordinate. This looks the most accurate but also very heavy from a computational point of view.

      Other than that, I couldn't find anything updated/exhaustive around, can you help me?
      Thanks in advance
    • By Hanna Habela
      Check it out: habela.github.io
      ok, don't know if it is that "cool" or that "unique"... but supposedly being self-confident and brag yourself is a way to go hmm...don't know
      Anyway, tell me guys what do you think about my site and art in it as well.
      Btw: Say nicely "hi" or "hello" to me coz I'm new here (not so new to game art, as I'm doing it for 2 years now)

    • By ANIO chan
      Hi, I'm new here and would like to get some help in what i should do first when designing a game? What would you consider to be the best steps to begin designing my game? Give resources with it as well please.
    • By DarkJ1234
      I'm trying to get into game development on linux, But i want an Unity/Unreal like environment to start out with, So i found out Unreal is build-able on linux, and i had a few problems but managed to mess with it enough to get it running, but all the material's are pink for some reason, i'd like advice on how and if i can fix the materials being all pink and super reflective looking, or if there's an alternative i could try similar to Unity/Unreal for linux.
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[Rev-share] Corven is looking for a 3D artist as a permanent team member

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We are a small but very passionate team creating a story driven RPG (think Ultima with some Adventure game elements mixed in) for PC with UE4. We have been working on it for about a year and the goal is to do a Kickstarter in Fall/Winter this year. For now it can be classified as "hobby" project but the clear goal is to turn professional with the success of this project. You can read more about it all on the homepage http://www.titansofether.com

Here is a small reveal trailer:

We have some freelance artists working for us, but what we really need is a 3D artist as part of the team. Someone who is talented (some experience with animations is important too) and motivated. The first big task would be creating armor and other loot items. You would be part of the core team. We all work on it for free at the moment and the money we do need to spend comes out of my personal bank account, but we are extremely confident that we will succeed with this project. If you would be willing to work with us, for free for now, then you will earn a percentage of the revenue of the finished game.

We give everything we have to make this game as close to perfect as possible. If you have the same drive then please contact me and we can talk about details. It would be preferable if you could use the contact form on our homepage since that will make sure that I see it immediately: http://www.titansofether.com/contact-form/


- strong 3D asset creation skills
- 3D animation experience

- experience in Unreal Engine 4
- Texture creation skills (for your 3D creations)

I think this could be the perfect entry into the game development business for a talented newcomer. Take a chance! We need you :)


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