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System memory copy of vertices/mesh

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I needed a system memory copy of the vertices for AABB Collision so I can update there min/max because I only have static vertices access. How can I do this. Im in directx 11. c++. As my object translates, I need to calculale the new AABB min/max and I cant get to the vertices.


void IvAABB::Set( const IvPoint3* points, unsigned int numPoints)
 ASSERT( points);
 // compute minimal and maximal bounds
 for (unsigned int i = 1; i < numPoints; ++i) 
if (points.x < mMinima.x) 
mMinima.x = points.x; 
else if (points.x > mMaxima.x)
 mMaxima.x = points.x;
 if (points.y < mMinima.y)
 mMinima.y = points.y; else if (points.y > mMaxima.y)
 mMaxima.y = points.y; 
if (points.z < mMinima.z)
 mMinima.z = points.z; 
else if (points.z > mMaxima.z)
 mMaxima.z = points.z; }


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Just keep a copy of whatever you need. Your app had the vertices at some point before copying them to the GPU, there's no reason you can't keep them around if you must. This also doesn't have anything to do with the graphics API's you are using

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haha, i had automatically assumed he meant transformed. That's good you pointed that out

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