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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any luck or some ideas with marketing their games/apps? I have been doing the usual social media campaigns on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc and trying to think of others ways of going about it.  


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1 hour ago, IndiEire_Games said:

campaigns on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc and trying to think of others ways of going about it.  

Sadly there is no easy answer.

 I find that the communities I am a active member gets much better feedback, people care more about what your doing if you showed interest in what they do.

The second thing is the kind of website, for example the people on Gamedev.net are more concerned with making games than playing games. So announcing a game here would maybe get you 1-3 downloads. Where posting on a gaming website could get you 4-10 downloads.


If the marketing doesn't go good for you then you could always consider hiring someone who is good with it.

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