DX12 How to render in Dx12 without a vertex buffer

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I found this for DX11:

I am not sure how to use this with Dx12. It doesn't complain about the HLSL and I use:
m_commandList->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 0, nullptr);

and it compiles and runs, but still can't see my triangle.

Rest of the code shown in the link I don't know how to use it for Dx12.

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The biggest issue here is your referencing D3D11 materials, and trying to apply that to 12. These APIs may have similar looking methods, but they couldn't be any further apart in the pipeline configuration. I only know a little about 12, but I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be an easy way to integrate the deprecated effects framework with it, not at least without getting very creative.

The shader itself may accomplish pushing the vertices/texels to the rasterizer, but that still doesn't address the multiple issues you may have on the app side. Especially with 12...Are you syncing correctly? Are you handling your command Allocators, and Queue appropriately? How's does the PSO look? Even in D3D11 you had a lot of points of failure. D3D12 is even worse.

I'm gonna parrot your previous thread and say use PIX at the very least. Or, if nothing at all. At least use the built in Visual Studio Graphics Debugger so you can ascertain which stage may not be running.

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    • By ZachBethel
      Hey all,
      I'm trying to debug some async compute synchronization issues. I've found that if I force all command lists to run through a single ID3D12CommandQueue instance, everything is fine. However, if I create two DIRECT queue instances, and feed my "compute" work into the second direct queue, I start seeing the issues again.
      I'm not fencing between the two queues at all because they are both direct. According to the docs, it seems as though command lists should serialize properly between the two instances of the direct queue because they are of the same queue class.
      Another note is that I am feeding command lists to the queues on an async thread, but it's the same thread for both queues, so the work should be serialized properly. Anything obvious I might be missing here?
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      So, I've been playing a bit with geometry shaders recently and I've found a very interesting bug, let me show you the code example:
      struct Vert2Geom { float4 mPosition : SV_POSITION; float2 mTexCoord : TEXCOORD0; float3 mNormal : TEXCOORD1; float4 mPositionWS : TEXCOORD2; }; struct Geom2Frag { float4 mPosition : SV_POSITION; nointerpolation float4 mAABB : AABB; float3 mNormal : TEXCOORD1; float2 mTexCoord : TEXCOORD0; nointerpolation uint mAxis : AXIS; float3 temp : TEXCOORD2; }; ... [maxvertexcount(3)] void GS(triangle Vert2Geom input[3], inout TriangleStream<Geom2Frag> output) { ... } So, as soon as I have this Geom2Frag structure - there is a crash, to be precise - the only message I get is:
      D3D12: Removing Device.
      Now, if Geom2Frag last attribute is just type of float2 (hence structure is 4 bytes shorter), there is no crash and everything works as should. I tried to look at limitations for Shader Model 5.1 profiles - and I either overlooked one for geometry shader outputs (which is more than possible - MSDN is confusing in many ways ... but 64 bytes limit seems way too low), or there is something iffy that shader compiler does for me.
      Any ideas why this might happen?
    • By VietNN
      Hi everyone, I am new to Dx12 and working on a game project.
      My game just crash at CreateShaderResourceView with no infomation output in debug log, just: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x000001F22EF2AFE8.
      my code at current:
      CreateShaderResourceView(m_texture, &desc, *cpuDescriptorHandle);
       - m_texture address is: 0x000001ea3c68c8a0
      - cpuDescriptorHandle address is 0x00000056d88fdd50
      - desc.Format, desc.ViewDimension, Texture2D.MostDetailedMip, Texture2D.MipLevels is initalized.
      The crash happens all times at that stage but not on same m_texture. As I noticed the violation reading location is always somewhere near m_texture address.
      I just declare a temp variable to check how many times CreateShaderResourceView already called, at that moment it is 17879 (means that I created 17879 succesfully), and CreateDescriptorHeap for cpuDescriptorHandle was called 4190, do I reach any limit?
      One more infomation, if I set miplevel of all texture when create to 1 it seem like there is no crash but game quality is bad. Do not sure if it relative or not.
      Anyone could give me some advise ?
    • By VietNN
      Hi all,
      The D3D12_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC has a member Shader4ComponentMapping but I don't really know what is it used for? As several example set its value to D3D12_DEFAULT_SHADER_4_COMPONENT_MAPPING. I also read the document on MSDN but still do not understand anything about it.
      Anyone could help me, thank you.
    • By DejayHextrix
      Hi, New here. 
      I need some help. My fiance and I like to play this mobile game online that goes by real time. Her and I are always working but when we have free time we like to play this game. We don't always got time throughout the day to Queue Buildings, troops, Upgrades....etc.... 
      I was told to look into DLL Injection and OpenGL/DirectX Hooking. Is this true? Is this what I need to learn? 
      How do I read the Android files, or modify the files, or get the in-game tags/variables for the game I want? 
      Any assistance on this would be most appreciated. I been everywhere and seems no one knows or is to lazy to help me out. It would be nice to have assistance for once. I don't know what I need to learn. 
      So links of topics I need to learn within the comment section would be SOOOOO.....Helpful. Anything to just get me started. 
      Dejay Hextrix 
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