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    • By ethancodes
      I've been doing game development for a few years now. I recently finished my degree in game development and programming, I'm a software developer full time and do my game dev stuff on the side. One thing that has kept me very curious ever since I took a graphics programming course in college, was whether or not it was really still relevant in the game industry. What I mean by this is to a team who is not going to build their own engine, a team who is going to use something like Unity or UE4 or any other number of game engines out there, is it really necessary for them to be able to program graphics on their own? I wonder the same about physics? It seems like these game engines do all the heavy lifting for us when it comes to graphics and physics. Obviously a basic understanding of them will greatly improve your ability to master what can be done with the engine, but to have several dedicated team members to graphics, is that necessary? Again, I understand that we need these people to build engines or if we want to modify the current physics or graphics of an engine. However I am talking about a team that is simply using a preexisting engine as is. Just curious as to opinions on this, especially from those who have worked on games professionally. Thanks!
    • By xiaohan wen
      If you have CROWDFUNDED the development of your game, which of the following statements do you agree with?
      1. I went out of my way to try to launch my game by the estimated delivery date
      2. I made an effort to launch my game by the estimated delivery date
      3. I was not at all concerned about launching my game by the estimated delivery date
      Hi there! I am an academician doing research on both funding success and video game development success.
      For those who have CROWDFUNDED your game development, it would be extremely helpful if you could fill out a very short survey (click the Qualtrics link below) about your experiences.
      The survey would just take 5 minutes and I’ll be happy to share my findings of what leads to crowdfunding success and how it affects game development based on an examination of 350 Kickstarter projects on game development in return.
      This is an anonymous survey and your personal information will not be recorded.
      Thank you very much in advance!
    • By Iain Knights
      When seeking a composer for your games, what is it that you will typically look for when hiring someone? What about their music makes you want to employ them? what do you look for in regards to professionality? I'm really curious as i'm seeking to get my foot in the door, but i want to know what i should be doing to impress you and get commissioned! thank you!
    • By DarkJ1234
      I'm trying to get into game development on linux, But i want an Unity/Unreal like environment to start out with, So i found out Unreal is build-able on linux, and i had a few problems but managed to mess with it enough to get it running, but all the material's are pink for some reason, i'd like advice on how and if i can fix the materials being all pink and super reflective looking, or if there's an alternative i could try similar to Unity/Unreal for linux.
    • By AlphaWolfKing
      Hi everyone, as summer approaches and the college semester comes close to ending. I want some books or resources you would reccomend to a beginner video game programmer.
      On a side note, what are the important calculus topics that are applied to programming video games?
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Twitch is announcing new developer tools on 8/31 - you are invited

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Hi! I work for Twitch. We are hosting--and streaming--an event on August 31st where we will launch new tools for developers.

This announcement will most directly impact game developers and full stack web developers that are hobbyists, small business developers, and indie developers.

Visit the event page for more information: https://twitchdevplatformrevealrequest.splashthat.com

Request an Invite if you'd like to join us for this event in-person. And join the Twitch Developer community at dev.twitch.tv!



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Giving more info about the link.

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