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Prototype making team!

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Hello friends,

I am mainly looking to fill out my team with 1 more programmer. Preferably one that already has some experience with unity, but if you're willing to learn I'd consider you just as well.

The goal of this team is a little different from every other team here. Too many people on this site are trying to sell you on throwing all of your hours into an untested game idea. Filling your head with the possibility of making it rich if you do so. I think it's naive to assume your first try is going to strike rich, especially if you've never tested the idea, have an inexperienced team, never researched what kind of interest player's even have in your kind of game, and have no one who specializes in marketing.

That's not what I'm here for.  I'm looking for people who want to make prototypes/demos out of our ideas. We are not the most experienced, and you don't need to be either, but I am looking for dedicated people. People who want to improve their own skills and increase their portfolios. Our projects will generally be prototypes of a small, achievable scope. I don't promise you that we will make a dime. Not at the moment, but let's make a few games. Let's gain useful experience and see. Maybe one of our prototypes will feel like we struck gold. We can always build on it later.

Currently we are building a 2D rogue-like of my design. We have 1 programmer, a lead game designer/3d artist, a 2D artist and another game designer. I think 1 more programmer will fill us out nicely, but i'll take into consideration anyone who messages me.

Our next game could possibly be one of your ideas!

Feel free to just respond here, or to message me through the site

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I would love to join the team. I have been programming in c# for about 2 years but I do not know everything. I don't really have a portfolio or background as I am a kid. My preferred game engine is also unity.I have never really finished a game before as I can't do art. This seems like the perfect team for me I just hope I am who you are looking for. I also don't have social media and don't know how to use unity collaboration system but am willing to learn. If I could join the team it would mean the world to me.

ps what is the site called.

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