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Behavior Potential uses for Psychology based game AI

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I have designed an AI system for games that replicates cognitive psychology models and theories, so that NPCs and other virtual characters can behave in more human-like and interesting ways.

I have built a prototype in the Unity game engine, and it can produce quite complex behaviour, including learning and creativity. I am now wanting to develop it further and am looking for people or organisations to help. I am thinking about how I could present my AI system, and what would be a good way of demonstrating it. If you have any suggestions it would be great to hear them. 

I have a website that explains my AI system in detail:




If you have any comments about the AI system, or know anyone who might be interested in helping to develop it, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for the help.

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Real progress in AI requires a metric by which to evaluate progress. If you can define quantitatively how satisfied you are with the behavior of your agents, you can always tweak things to improve it. Otherwise, you'll be flying blind.

What you describe is an open-ended project with ill-defined [if at all defined] goals. I don't believe this will lead anywhere. Hey, you asked. :)


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1 hour ago, Verj_Ohnfran said:

I have built a prototype in the Unity game engine

Then why not share that prototype. As is all you have is a few images and a movie, both very easy to fake.


Also isn't this just a state machine with data trees?

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