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Looking for an engine for Action RPG (Alundra like)

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Hello there!

just a quick question: Does anyone know a decent Engine (OpenSource would be desirable, but not required) which allows the following:

  • Creating an Action-RPG in the style of Alundra
  • Multiplayer capability (Coop)

Right now I only have experience in modding various games, but never realy created a whole game from scratch. I can code in various programming languages (C, C++, Java, LUA, Ruby on Rails), and I am willing to learn another if necassary. But right now I just need a base to begin with.

Best regards


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Have you given RPGMaker a shot? Considering you already know Ruby, it should easy for you to modify the default battle system within the engine. If that's not an option, there are a plethora of engines available for general purpose uses. Unity, Ogre3D I think is one, Unreal, ect.

If you find no engine that meets your need, you could always just program for your game at the API level. Though, that's usually not very conducive to pushing out anything fast.

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