WoA V - The Competition Thread

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slicer4ever    6760

Competition is over, judging thread:


The competition has begun, this years themes are:

Chain Reaction | Assassination | Alien Invasion | Castles

You must choose 2 themes to receive full theme scores.  This year their is no stipulation on gameplay or graphical, You are free to interpret the themes anyway you wish, but remember it should be fairly easy to know which theme you chose.  

To submit a game this year, you need to sign in to this site: with your credentials.  If there is an issue submitting to the site, then you can upload elsewhere and link to this thread and i will manually add it to the site.  Remember you can submit a game even if you did not tell us you were participating! 

Remember to receive participation points you must either post updates in this thread, or drop a link to your blog updates in this thread!!  you can also get points by commenting on other people's updates as well! 

This year, our resident artist and judge riuthamus has graciously created a number of art assets for the themes of this year's contest.  they are free to take for this week, and are free to use afterwards, but will be only available as free to obtain for this week before they will be placed in the unity store, so if you are seeking some assets to use in your games, you can find them here:  (note: check back tomorrow as riu says it's not 100% finished.)

some images of the pack:








Lastly i'd like to once again recommend'scord chat can be found here: ttps:// where we have a dedicated channel for WoA.  

Good luck to everyone!  remember to post your updates in this thread!

Administration Thread: 


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Endurion    5408

Started working on a neat entry. I'm currently on vacation and have enough time to put in. Until the last two days unfortunately.

so far I've got a decent engine and actual editor, but nothing ground breaking on gameplay yet.


due to limited internet access I can't write too much, but I 'll try.


good luck all!

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Scouting Ninja    3951
3 minutes ago, ryan20fun said:

How do you get that nice fancy window linking to you blogs?

I found copy and pasting the link as is, without using a link word, creates the window.

Copy the HTTPS:// address and paste.

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dmatter    4826

I don't have a GDNet blog so I'll be posting directly to this thread :-)

Day 1 is over for me!

I spent the vast majority of the day just thinking about the themes and scribbling ideas in my notebook. I couldn't seem to settle on which 2 themes to choose. In the end I have seemed to settle with with Alien Invasion and Chain Reaction.

I won't go into too much detail about the idea this time around. But suffice it to say that the idea is more ambitious than I would prefer so whether I can do it justice remains to be seen! I might be tossing elements overboard as the week goes, so we'll see!


Speaking of elements that might get tossed overboard....

I've only spent a couple of hours coding today and I have successfully coded the world's most unrealistic fluid simulation, so that's something:


Compared to some of the excellent progress I see going on in other people's blogs I feel a little behind just at the moment. My first day is always a slow one so hopefully I can knuckle down tomorrow and make some decent progress.

That's all for today I'm off to bed.

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Thaumaturge    3826

It's the end of Day 1 for me!


This year I've decided to run my blog postings in both my personal blog and my old blog, and as such intend to post links to both here--simply visit whichever you prefer. (The text should be pretty much the same, I think.) link:

Personal site link:


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cowsarenotevil    3005

Well, I want to make something, but it's going to be tough for me to find any free time even at night until Friday, so if I do make something it'll probably need to be pretty simplistic. "Fortunately" I also don't have any good ideas, with the possible exception of a very simple adventure game, so that might be possible to throw together in a couple of days.

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