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WoA V - The Competition Thread

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3 minutes ago, ryan20fun said:

How do you get that nice fancy window linking to you blogs?

I found copy and pasting the link as is, without using a link word, creates the window.

Copy the HTTPS:// address and paste.

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Hi all. Here is my first blog post. It's not a long one. I hope to be able to tell more tomorrow. Good night !


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I don't have a GDNet blog so I'll be posting directly to this thread :-)

Day 1 is over for me!

I spent the vast majority of the day just thinking about the themes and scribbling ideas in my notebook. I couldn't seem to settle on which 2 themes to choose. In the end I have seemed to settle with with Alien Invasion and Chain Reaction.

I won't go into too much detail about the idea this time around. But suffice it to say that the idea is more ambitious than I would prefer so whether I can do it justice remains to be seen! I might be tossing elements overboard as the week goes, so we'll see!


Speaking of elements that might get tossed overboard....

I've only spent a couple of hours coding today and I have successfully coded the world's most unrealistic fluid simulation, so that's something:


Compared to some of the excellent progress I see going on in other people's blogs I feel a little behind just at the moment. My first day is always a slow one so hopefully I can knuckle down tomorrow and make some decent progress.

That's all for today I'm off to bed.

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