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WoA V - The Competition Thread

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Hi everybody. I read all of your updates and it's very awesome. Here is my little update for my Day 2. 


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Ok so day 2 is behind me.

After an initially slow start being beaten down various internal software architecture-y issues I eventually managed to get a few things roughed out and just about in a functional state:

  • Maps are now loaded from disk
  • Interactive level designer - it's awful to use but my hope is that the time spent building this will pay off with the fact that I now don't need to design a file-format whose textual representation is also a reasonable visual representation of the map (which is what I've done in past years). Also I leave my level design to the last couple of days so with any luck this will make that easier.
  • Improved fluid rendering - Just less fugly. Also supports multiple coloured fluids, because why not.
  • 'Wells' that hold the fluids - Gotta put it somewhere right?!
  • Moving platforms - Just the up/down kind.
  • Death animation
  • A few other minor polishy things here and there, which I should really be leaving til the end.

Now it's still not really looking like a game yet and the 2 themes are not manifested either. Hopefully, there's some method in my madness; I have a few more gameplay elements to be implemented yet but then I plan to 'assemble' the themes out of those!

Here's a screenshot showing a little alien dude being squashed by a moving platform.
All the art is placeholder at this point, unless I run out of time ;-)



Looks like all 'your' games are shaping up nicely from what I can see. Keep up the good work people!

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Day two done, and here's my blog post:

GameDev.net version:

Personal site version:




It seems that I posted the incorrect link for the GameDev.net version of my previous entry--I posted the link to the journal itself, not the entry. Ah well, the link to my personal site should be correct, and the journal does contain the relevant entry, I believe. If it's desired that I repost the correct link to the GameDev.net version, please let me know!


I... don't see an easy, obvious way of getting the link to a given entry from that entry's page after posting. o_0 I ended up going out to the journal itself, listing the various entries, and copying the link from there.

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