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WoA V - The Competition Thread

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So it's early-to-midway into my day4 and I'm settling in to work on this for the day. I just wanted to post an update about where I got to for day3; It was too late for me to write up a post last night but better late than never!


As you can see it's slowly beginning to look like a game now and it has some nods towards "chain-reaction" as a gameplay mechanic. Whereas the "alien invasion" theme will be more of a motif and featured in the graphics and story.

So I got a few features implemented yesterday including trapdoors, the dominos, the big gear thing in the sky, support for multiple minions and aiming.

It wasn't all smooth sailing though, I had to sink a few hours debugging issues with my fluid rendering. One of the big issues I was having was todo with transparency and blending. For some reason I always have a huge mental hangup when it comes to figuring out OpenGL's blend modes.

Initially I cranked the maths and thought that something like this might do a reasonable job:

glBlendEquationSeparate(GL_MAX, GL_FUNC_ADD);
glBlendFunc(GL_ONE, GL_ONE);

Alas GL_MAX is not supported in GLES2.0 so that screwed me over for a while. (Might not have worked anyway). Eventually I worked out an alternative for my purposes, I find it rather counter-intuitive as a solution though:

glClearColor(0, 0, 0, 0);

It seems to handle all edge cases that I could think to test.

I do not understand why the blend function is fixed-function and not programmable. This is totally bizarre to me and seems incredibly easy to do in theory using a "blend shader" that takes the source and destination fragments and emits the resultant colour. 

Why is blending fixed function, does anybody know? Am I missing something obvious here?


Anyhoo, onto day4. Not sure what I'll work on today. At some point I really need to start finding or making proper art assets instead of all this placeholder stuff!

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Looking nice :)   All these shader stuff is doing my head in too. Everybody yells do it in the shader, but a few things are still modified outside (in DX11)


Anyhow, new blog entry is up, plus a playable preview that's maybe even a final version (albeit short):



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I just noticed something missing from this competition when compared to the one two years ago. In that competition games were required to show a splash screen on startup showing who contributed to making the Week of Awesome possible. Was this rule removed on purpose, or was it simply forgotten about?

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