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Join OWN closed alpha!

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Hi everyone!

I'm super excited to announce that my game is finally ready to be alpha-tested, so here I am giving away access keys!

OWN is a browser game, so that you don't even need to install it. It is a competitive 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3 game which could be best described as a mix between League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. You get to fight opponents in a 2D world with platforms, but with a skill set very similar to those in League of Legends. It is real-time action, so it is quite skilled. It can also be competitive (with ladder and leagues), but you can play casually as well if you want.

Also, it is 100% free-to-play, meaning that all items can be bought with free currencies, and it's not pay-to-win (you pay for customisation items, like skins, icons and such).

Here is a (very poorly made, sorry) glimpse at what it looks like :



But no more talking, see for yourself! You can try the training mode without even being registered!

You just have to click on any of those 4 heroes :



We've just started opening the access to more testers, so it's still very intimate yet. But we're eager to expand to a lot more testers so that it's more fun to play, with more feedback and plays!

Here are a few access keys (each key works for only one account, so first come, first served) :



If you need some more, PM and I'll be pleased to give you some!

Also, one last advice : if you feel like you could appreciate the game, bring in some friends. Of course we'll be here to help you and play with you, but this kind of game is obviously more fun when you can ladder with friends. Of course it's in my best interest, let's be honest, but it's also for you to enjoy the game as much as possible.

Here is the link to the game : http://www.nemroth.com/own-fe-alpha

Have a nice day guys!

PS : the game is available in English and French

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