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    • By Anderfell
      Hello my name is Brandon and I am currently one of the co owners of the team Digital Forged Studios.
      We are currently seeking two new members for our team, before applying you must be aware that we are seeking people that are 100% committed to this project, you must be reachable within the day, replying to questions or responding to our messages and in general be actively online, otherwise I ask nicely that you do not apply.
      The persons we are seeking are an experienced Programmer with knowledge  in c++, c#, and or unreal script, the c++ and familiarity with unreal is the main thing were seeking, other teams we are currently looking for are 3D artists to work on Humanoid models Props and more, were are also seeking other team members such as Generalists that understands the Unreal Engine, Animators for Human, Non Human and Objects were keeping the team small and having whats needed so feel free to apply.
      [Animators] x 2 [ You will be doing Human, Non Human, and Objects like Machines and Doors, Environment assets. ]
      [3D Artist] x 2 [ You will be focusing on Humans, Objects, and Environment modeling would also like skills in texturing. ]
      [Generalist] x 1 [ We would like someone that has good knowledge of Unreal Engine that can set up anything we need in Engine. ]
      [Writer] x 1 [ We would need someone that can work with me on game documents, organisation of documents story arcs, character development, dialogue creation, text editing and other text related jobs. ]
      [PROGRAMMER] "As above"
      The project is Royalties and when any fund raising is made you will also receive some funding based off that, this is divided depending on amount of work done as an example per asset made toward the game, there are no contracts at this stage and everything known is in documents at the moment.
      The game is a Action RPG with online elements this will be an ongoing project, we are running ssh servers, and Prefroce. We have a small staff of experienced people.
      We do have some artwork to show of the world a little and what it's about, If you are interested in joining the project please contact us at:
      Anderfell info:
      Anderfell#5123 on Discord
      nevarra@hotmail.com email
      We are active on Discord and maybe take a day or two to reply to emails on our website as we receive a few a daily we need to sort through thanks. 
      Comic Panel
      Game Document
      Regards Brandon
      Digital Forged Game Development Team.
      Some Progress


    • By merlin77uk
      Hello Friends,
      i am trying to create a Game developing company, with absolutely zero experience in that. I know it sounds silly, I have experience in running a small business as i have one, but games are something i always wanted to be involved with. So i have an idea of what game i want to create but i have no knowledge in programming, art, music etc. what needs for a game. I will assume the role of the producer and i just want to create some prototype which i will go around with after and try to find investors/publishers. So my question is where i can find, how much and how do people charge for art,3d modelling, is it per 1 character, per hour, what if i want whole race with cities, weapons etc., what about story writers - how much they charge and how? How much charge people who can use Unreal Engine (as i want to use that for my game - FPS) and so on. Meanwhile i am educating myself with game developing and the legal part (contractor agreements,non disclosure etc.) I will be grateful for any info you can give me.   
    • By tedyage
         I want to output the Image file from the shaderresourceview of the rendertexture, so I have to transfer the shaderresourceview into a image object, and I don't know how to do this. Could you help me with it? 
         PS:I am using SharpDx to develop my program. So it's better be coding by C#. Many thanks.
    • By AchrafGarai
      Hi Everyone 
      We are a distibuted group of youg developers / artists who share a commun goal . we believe in our ability to make high quality games that challenges the status quo and will prove our skills as professional developers/artists.
      The game we are making is a fast paced action game that will try to add to the existing  formula of action combat. it will be a short 1-2 hour adventure set in arabian inspired universe 
      we focus more on giving the best quality possible no matter how short the game will be.
      As we are geeting colser to start the actual game production we are in need of talented environment artists that are interested in the learning process as well as the collaborative experince of game development
      If you are a 3d artist and willing to take part in this journey of learning that will help you build a strong portfolio as well as help you get actual game develoment experience that I would very much be happy to welcome you to this challenge.
      Email : achrafgarai@hotmail.com
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[ Plugin ] MultiPacker for UnrealEngine

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Multipacker is an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin editor for manipulate AtlasTextures & Channels(and experimental various Masks inside the same Channel)  inside Unreal Engine. Its greatlly helpfull for Mobile Projects, allowing a great save of texture memory.

The plugin is intended to be simple and the same time powerfull.

The Plugin is on Gumroad now: And have a CodeOffer discount 7.50: initialfeedback

Will be updated ASAP adding new features.

More Info:


Daily information of the progress on my Twitter


Whats done now:

Version 0.2:

  -Get from a TextureAtlas a number of opacity Masks:

    -Set 1 Opacity Mask on a Channel RGB/RGBA.

    -Set 3 Opacity Masks on a Channel RGB/RGBA (allowing 9 opacity Masks on RGB, and 12 on RGBA).

  -One or more Texture Inputs

  -Input by Specific Channel (RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, RGBA)

What will be on future releases:


-Save TextureAtlas


-Save a Texture Database for a faster icon management

-Blueprint functions to manipulate the texture with the Database

-Base Blueprint to generate buttons icons(press, normal); and a differrent types of procedural ussage of the icons.


-SDF from texture mask

-Can save SDF on Atlas and Channels RGBA


-Hot reload Textures based on the AutoImport functionality of the Unreal Engine Editor.



Edited by turbocheke
New Update

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