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[ Plugin ] MultiPacker for UnrealEngine

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Multipacker is an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin editor for manipulate AtlasTextures & Channels(and experimental various Masks inside the same Channel)  inside Unreal Engine. Its greatlly helpfull for Mobile Projects, allowing a great save of texture memory.

The plugin is intended to be simple and the same time powerfull.

The Plugin is on Gumroad now: And have a CodeOffer discount 7.50: initialfeedback

Will be updated ASAP adding new features.

More Info:


Daily information of the progress on my Twitter


Whats done now:

Version 0.2:

  -Get from a TextureAtlas a number of opacity Masks:

    -Set 1 Opacity Mask on a Channel RGB/RGBA.

    -Set 3 Opacity Masks on a Channel RGB/RGBA (allowing 9 opacity Masks on RGB, and 12 on RGBA).

  -One or more Texture Inputs

  -Input by Specific Channel (RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, RGBA)

What will be on future releases:


-Save TextureAtlas


-Save a Texture Database for a faster icon management

-Blueprint functions to manipulate the texture with the Database

-Base Blueprint to generate buttons icons(press, normal); and a differrent types of procedural ussage of the icons.


-SDF from texture mask

-Can save SDF on Atlas and Channels RGBA


-Hot reload Textures based on the AutoImport functionality of the Unreal Engine Editor.



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