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I have been fleshing out an idea that I want to implement in a physiological horror proof of concept for a game. (yea another one of those). My focus is to have a very solid playable demo. Its a mix of crime solving (i.e. Condemned : Criminal Origins), with a bit of Amnesia elusiveness, and some minor unconventional combat elements (i.e. Fatal Frame:: this part is still in the works). I need both feedback and advice on some mechanics i want to implement as well as game states i would like to include as well. I don't want to tote the games story around too much, so ill be brief. The game centers around a person suffering from severe mental illness. The goal of the game is to avoid going insane. I scrapped the traditional health system in favor for a system that requires you to find and take doses of medicine to subdue the mental illness. So first as feedback, is this a system that would work period, and if so, how can i implement that so that it doesn't become redundant and predictable? I have addressed (well somewhat) what would happen if the player loses their sanity. They go into a state of pshycosis , and have to find medicine to bring themselves back. This will bring on a change in the game state completely and the player won't be able to complete the game until they re up on their meds. I have been also toying with the idea of having the player randomly loses their senses when they might need it the most. That would of course only be sight and hearing. I was thinking having the camera blur when there is a need, or having a blocking volume for the sound if a player is attempting to follow noises. 

I have a tendency to jump all around the place when i talk so if anything is confusing please let me know. I really seem pretty stuck at this point


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Used wrong word to describe a part of my project.

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