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Looking for a project

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I am currently a student at Aberystwyth University between my 2nd and 3rd years of my BSc in Computer Science. I am currently on an internship year where I am working at Google in London. I've always had an interest in game development and it's something I would very much like to go into once I graduate.


I am most proficient in Java and Python, but am also currently learning C++ and Go. I can also do JavaScript and SQL and have experience in using SVN and Git for version control. In terms of game dev experience I have little other than a group project worth 75% of a module for my second year at university where I achieved the highest classification. For the engines I am familiar with I am learning Unity with a view as to learn Unreal at some point in the near future when I feel I have become very competent with Unity. 


Other than my programming skills I am also able to perform QA and basic business operations for products. I would also consider myself approachable and easy to talk with.


I am looking for any kinds of projects currently just to get some experience in game development and am willing to answer any questions that you might have relating to myself or my skills. 


Thanks in advance,


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Hello, are you familiar with or are interested in learning to use Unreal Engine 4?

If so, email me at Aach06@gmail.com and I'll supply you with more details.

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After having some messages asking about contacting me, the best way to do this will be either a personal message on the site or a response to this thread.


Thanks guys!


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