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Looking for pixel artists/background designers/composers

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I'm looking to assemble a small, dedicated team to produce a multi-platform 2D action title in the veins of Castlevania : Rondo of Blood, with a powerful visual and musical flair, as well as a fair variety in terms of level gimmicks. This project would require, at minimum, two enemy sprite designer, two programmers, one background/object/menu artist and one SFX/BGM composer.

General design philosophy would be for consistency and fluidity in the artistic departement, a difficulty curve that would allows even less experimented player to slowly overcome the harshest challenge, and constantly introducing new mechanics/challenges/enemies over the course of the game.

Something similar to Castlevania Adventure ReBirth (Wii) or Cursed Castilla (Steam, 3DS) would be at the lower end of my expectations, but still more than adequate for release.


A first level would be produced as a demo (menu screen, intro sequence, stage, boss and credits) to gather further interest/funds through either Kickstarter, Patreon or a Game Studio. While this is an hobby project, it would make sense to try and find a stable revenue source for everyone working on the project as soon as possible.

Everyone will share an equal vote regarding design and business decisions, as well as profit sharing (if any!), but I will not take part in the latter if luck's on our side, since my only interest is to gather experience in the field of producing and helming a project; My current job pays me well enough that I don't necessitate any additional income source while working on this project.

The demo will require a 2/3 majority vote of all working members to be considered finished; if the demo doesn't manage to raise an adequate level of fundings after two calendar months to warrant continuation, I'll consider donating some money to everyone involved in piecing together this demo for their work and dedication.

The assets created for this game will belong to the creators of every specific asset (for instance, each BGMs will be the intellectual property of the composer), BUT you must allow for the team to freely use any delivered assets in the event you were to drop from the project.

I am currently undecided on the optimal game engine to employ, as long as it allows for easy portability to PC/Mac/Linux.

Feel free to contact me for more informations, suggestions, or simply trading insults.

Montréal, Canada

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Thanks for your interest, but I'm really looking at this point for people who have real appreciation for the old 2D snazzy Castlevania music, and makes it apparent in their reply.

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Hey man, this project sounds really amazing!  I'm a songwriter and producer and one of my original inspirations musically was castlevania music.  You can check out my music here soundcloud.com/koronello

Most of my video game music uploaded there(other than the recent 4) is pretty old btw, I'm a lot better now.  Let me know if you'd like me to do a sample for you and see if it's up your alley.


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