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3D Can't Validate a mesh [pic attached]

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When calling on a specific mesh to validate, it can't pass the function. However, other meshes go okay, just that one. I am using D3DXValidMesh function


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When a mesh contains some degenerative faces, how do I get rid of them programatically?

I don't care if they are intentional lines or things like that. I am just testing it.


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Sorry, but:

You post alot of questions, more or less one new thread each other day. If everybody did that nobody would be able to keep up with all those new threads.

When I resort to starting a thread on this forum, I've first done all I can to research an answer myself - which can take days sometimes of trial and error, reading (sometimes advanced/cryptic) research papers and forum posts here and elsewhere. That usually stops me from asking here, because I found the answer myself before it got to that.

You just seem to encounter something you don't know how to solve, and start a thread about it. Frequently.

There's so much value in finding your own answers whenever it's possible, and understanding why the answer works - instead of just getting the answer handed to you.


I don't know if I'll get flak for this, but just wanted to voice that I'm getting a little annoyed by all the threads you start, measured against how I see other people use this forum. Many times, your threads aren't even very clear as to what the problem is, just a vague/unclear description and a wall of code which nobody wants to read through. Or, a simple 10 minute search would have provided the answer.


As to your question, I searched for 1 min and found https://user.xmission.com/~legalize/book/download/19-D3DX Mesh Objects.pdf - page 20 states that you can use D3DXCleanMesh to fix issues reported by D3DXValidMesh. 1 minute is all it took, with search term "D3DXValidMesh degenerated primitives".

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