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[Paid] Pixel Artist for Hire

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Hi, I'm currently open for commission. I offer affordable prices, fast-delivery, and quality sprites and tiles.
If you're interested, the best way to contact me is via email (, discord (revangale#2393), or skype (revangale.c)
My portfolio can be found here:
Some work:


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If you're seeking "paid work". This post needs to be under "contractors". Not "hobbyist".


...UNLESS you are ok with trying a rev-share project.

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    • By MrGiratinaORIGINAL

      I'm the co-director of LM Team, a 7-member team currently constructing a fangame based upon the Mega Man series. We've been working for about 2 years now, and both of our current programmers are busy for the next 6 months or so. Because of this, we're currently looking for a programmer (or more) to take care of gameplay and animation programming. We already have a base system in place that may optionally be built upon. This will be a hobby project to invest your free time in, not a gamedev gig.
      We're currently about 67% done with the OST, 75% done with the design work, and 33% done with the graphical work. As such, the specifications of what we need should remain pretty stagnant from now on.
      Here's some links of our team's work, to give you an idea of what we're currently capable of achieving:
      Actual Y+1 Stuff:
      - Current public playlist of music
      - Old footage of the first boss of the game, since been altered slightly based on feedback
      - Mockups
      m9m (director, composer):
      - Grand Dad Reboot - Ominous Cavern
      - Lands of Onlup
      - Mega Man Revolution Remix - Wily 2
      MrKyurem (co-director, main designer, me):
      - Boil Man - 10th place in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Contest
      NaOH (programmer [not programmer who is currently working on the engine]):
      - Programmer for Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Contest's release game (did co-op mode and leaderboard functionality)
      - 15 years of programming experience
      - Castlevania 3 controls romhack
      - GML code beautifier
      - Beat-Em-Up engine
      Alm (artist):
      - Cutscene for a personal project
      - Tileset for Boil Man's stage in MaGMML2
      - Concept sprite
      Valo (artist):
      - Jungle Man tileset in Mega Man SD
      - Boxart for Mega Man SD
      - Wily sprite
      Karakato (artist):
      - Robot Masters in BCA
      - Idol Woman
      - Stage Select for separate project
      Deathro (composer):
      - Through the Eye of a Prism - 2nd place in Famicompo 2015's Original category
      - Mega Man SFR - Wily 2
      - Geno Force - Silent Breeze
      If you're interested in joining, I'd recommend signing up to Discord, as we almost exclusively communicate through this.
      Discord Tags:
    • By tonemgub

      I’m writing research paper on software rasterization algorithms and at one point I gave example of triangle rasterization algorithm.

      The algorithm is really basic. If the triangle is flat top or flat bottom it’s possible to determine the minimum and the maximum x values for each scan line using the equation of line for the edges. Then for each scan line fill the pixels between minimum x and maximum x values.
      If the triangle is of other kind it’s possible to split it to flat top and flat bottom triangles (finding the fourth vertex) and draw it using the previous algorithm.

      I need to cite a reference for this algorithm. I saw it in some book in the ‘90s and I can’t just write it without a reference. The problem is that I can’t remember where I saw it.
      I already tried to look at “Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice” but the only similar algorithm there is the polygon rasterization algorithm, which is over engineered for this kind of problem, same with "Computer Graphics: C Version".
      I also tried to look at “Black Art of 3D Game Programming”, which have similar algorithm but the algorithm that I saw was in another book and slightly different.

      Anyone know a book with this kind of algorithm?
      Any help is appreciated.


    • By Blue apple
      Hi, I am Blue Apple a novice developer in the group Cute Software, and I'm here to share with you our new game: "Shotgun Evolved", it's a top-down-shooter where you fight your friends (in the same computer) in a 2 to 4 players arena through different maps and game-modes

      -Controls: Every player got 6 keys (on the keyboard or on the controller), 2 to turn right or left, 2 to walk forward or backward, 1 to shoot and 1 to interact with objects, they are a bit hard to get used to, but this gives you an excuse for losing every time

      -Game-play: The goal is simple, "fight until the other players lose all their lives", you can lose a life in different ways depending on the game-mode (being killed, an opponent capturing an outpost...)

      -Items : There are 3 items, the 'up' item that is thrown by the players when they die which upgrades your shotgun, the 'heal' item that is dropped by bots(pirates,skeletons...) which heals you, and the 'life' item that spawns somewhere on the map every 10 s which gives you an extra life

      -Extra : You can change some settings before starting, like the number of lives, the speed of capture, deactivate players'names/objects/bots and activate "hyper speed" which makes everything two times faster

      Downloads (Windows installer):
      -Alpha 0.1.1:
      Music by "Yahya" :
      -His youtube-channel : "Yaya drops",
      -The game-menu's music : "Andy",
      Follow us on:
      -Web site:
      And that's all, don't forget to give your opinion and report the bugs, have fun !
    • By Boziik
      Hello world!
      I searched for a while a proper forum where discuss games development, I have a """little""" project to complete in spare time, but I need to know which tools use so, here I am.
      Premise: I want to make a 2d management/rpg game, it is nothing particularly advanced I think, but I don't wan't to look like the dude who thinks creating a game is an easy task.
      Which features I want to implement? What kind of gameplay?
      Well, I'm thinking about a game where you manage your hotel (and much more), divided in floors, where you upgrade rooms, assign employees to certain tasks with a drag'n'drop system. Every floor is selected with a button, you just see the map with rooms and decide what to do wiht them and who assign where. Meanwhile the employees are assigned to their own rooms or they just spawn in a common selection area because they just come to work there.
      If you want to look out of your building you click on the exit button and you have a new sort of menu, the local town (or city area) where you can select by clicking which building enter, you have shops, carpenter's workshop, docks, city council...I thought something like "Shakes&Fidget" town menu, where you can select what you need from a list or click the specific building, when you click you enter there you see another menu with the specific selections available. Meanwhile you can see you own hotel and how much is upgraded! You should be able to pay the city council to improve and upgrade the streets around you, install better lampposts and make your neighbourhood more attractive to customers.
      Also you can see the world map and other locations where you can have more buildings to manage, for example a steamer floating casinò, or another hotel in another town/city/area. So I thought this "root" structure: World map, cities/towns, local areas, buildings, floors.
      Then again, characters will have statistics, skills and abilities used while working, so I need to project how certain stats influence certain activities and which one is related to another, but I have already thought some for fights and challanges. Fight and challanges, talking about this you can also manage arenas/cage fights and "public events" such as pull the rope team vs team or 1v1 boxing match or stuff like that between your crew and rivals ones.
      Then again (is a big project, I know) I would like to implement body transformations * for those subjects intended to trasform their bodies, and become more than humans. Have you ever played "Impossible creatures" ? well, I would like to change characters arms, torso and legs, add tails and wings, horns and antennas, change skin color and add tattoos, piercings, changing hairstyles... (ok maybe the last 3 ones can made in a normal barber shop or tattoo shop) in conclusion, body customization.
      * It would be quite long for me to tell you the game's plot and how in the heck you connect a hotel-casinò sim with arena fights and laboratory transformations... I'm just telling you the most relevant features I want to insert so you will know exactly what I'm planning to create and you will answer me with all the informations you need. Leave the plot to me
      Well, I guess it's everything. I don't know much about coding, I passed an exam of conding (C, MatLab) so I know the very basics things and way to operate with algorithms. I made some reseraches and I found some programs that I may use to work at this project (but I know there are more):
      Unity (They told me is not the best for 2d games...) Godot Engine GDevelop Dragon Bones (for animations) Defold I still don't know which choose, meanwhile I'm practicing with digital drawings and drawing all the game concepts I came up with.
      My question is: which software do you recommend me? As you read up here you see that I'm making a game wich requires a lot of 2d animations, but beyond that is all about 2d model customization, characters stats, leveling up/upgrading, and backgrounds.
      I do apologies if this thread is not written with a perfect english or if something isn't clear. Thank you all for your answers!
    • By MobileAssetsBrush
      Mobile Assets Brush just released a Spine2D animated zombies bundle with 40 unique zombies, with 12-13 mesh animations for each zombie. The package is on sale until October 26, 2017. Check it out on GameDev.Market at Animated 2D Zombies Bundle - 40 Unique Zombies.
      Link for more video samples: here.

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