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Forming Team For New Non-Commercial Unity Project

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Hello fellow game developers, I am putting together a small team to work on a new non commercial project. The game would be small, something that is doable in 3-4 months. It will be made with Unity for the PC. Currently looking for:


C# Programmer

Level Designer

I am not necessarily looking for seasoned professionals, just dedicated people who want to have fun making a game who are seeking to gain some experience, work with a team and add to their portfolio.

I am a programmer and I enjoy building AI and game systems. You can watch some video sample of past projects and prototypes here:



If you are interested in working together please send me a message.

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You should also post what job you yourself are planning to do for the team. This reads like you're the "idea guy" and will sit back while everyone else does all the work. :)

- Eck

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