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I saw someone else post their Patreon here, and he was not punished for doing so. So Im taking the chance as well :)
I have created a Patreon for my game OMEGAz to help me develop the game. The current budget is actually just my welfare, wich makes development tricky
I went indie in 2015 after working as a game-director in a local corporation for various specialists. My project there was cancelled so I left in the end.

OMEGAz synopsis:
You take the role as Kinsaku who infiltrates the headquarters of her city's security force named Proioxis, after they attacked her at home for not conforming to their rules.
Proioxis is an army built up by delusional and hostile fanatics, who have been allowed by the government to oppress citizens by silencing offensive speech, and punishing those who live lifestyles considered "damaging" and counterproductive to their ideals. The politicians running the country, approve of this political correctness policing.
Kinsaku was attacked because of her "sexual" clothing and for not promoting feminism.


  • You can control each bullet individually, or fire normally (selective fire mode)
  • The game will have stealth segments
  • A transgressive epic. A rebel of a game!
  • Absurd surreal humor like in Rise of The Triad (2013)
  • Large HQ anime sprites, no pixel or retro visuals
  • Starring: SJWs, White Knights and YOU

 SecurityRun.gif.5234137ba1a532867a13777300eab0d0.gif test.gif.fe5cb81e0d60a8f4a2054342df44f4cf.gif 

The game isnt meant to be a political message, just a crazy satirical and absurd experience. I am going to admit though, I do expect to recieve death-threats because of this game.


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      Baker, David B. (ed.). The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology. Oxford University Press (Oxford Library of Psychology), 2012. 
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