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DX11 Render FPS Weapon in World or View Space ?

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Hi guys,

Do you think I should render my first-person hand/weapon in world space or view space, is there a preferred method ? I got it to work in view space but now I have to do all the lighting in view space too, that's not much of a problem but I've been doing it in world space.

I think I would rather do it in world space unless there is a good reason not too. I haven't been able to get that working though.

Any help would be appreciated, especially getting it to work in world space.


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For the sake of clarity and maintenance, I would keep all my outputs in shaders in the same space (either viewspace or worldspace), no matter if it's first person or not.

But you will probably want to keep camera space items (like first person, weapons) in camera local space (viewspace) up until you want to draw them for precision issues. Otherwise you might end up with shaky hands and weapons due to floating point precisions.


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