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Looking for 2D Character & Tileset artist(s)

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Can you draw characters, can you draw swords, can you draw.. cucumbers? Then there is a good chance I could use your help!

So basically guys,
my weird little mind decided to have some fun so has a hobby project mapped out called "That's Not A Weapon"  - the overall theme being a multiplayer brawl style game with a rather.. fun weapon set, in terms of overall arty style thats going to really come down to the artist because its something totally undecided as of yet.

In terms of requirements, what needs to be created is obviously a range of about 8 unique characters (Again, giving some creative freedom here though will chat through ideas and such), a range of weapons.. and then some backgrounds and tilesets for the creation of the levels.

Overall goal of the project so far is really just looking at a fun yet kinda odd portfolio piece, though who knows.. may take it further if it turns out well.

Feel free to get in touch if you're interested - Discord is Gibbon#9230 and email is

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