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Learning Project, comparing

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Hello there,

this project is not about publishing, or fancy stuff like that. It's about learning how to code a time-driven program (in contrast to event-driven like excel, word or such).

It's basically some sort of programming class and requires at least one intermediate/advanced game-developer,

who would be willing to give advice on how to do better, when none of the other participants can help.

On the Internet are many tutorials on how to do these things, but if you extend on those ideas and run into problems, it gets quite hard to find help, resulting in a loss of motivation.

  • 2D-Artists and  Soundengineers are also very welcome to help out and get feedback on their work! (last paragraph!)



  • The idea is not to work independently and to build on top of each other, but instead trying to code the same thing and compare the result to figure out where one made a mistake or could've done easier/faster. It's not the goal for everyone to have the exact same code!
  • It's aimed at people who have basic knowledge of OOP (classes, methods, ...), but aren't confident enough in their skills to apply for a bigger-scale project, or working with a team yet.
  • Problems should be solved within the group of learners as far as possible, the experienced game-developer isn't meant as a personal library for every little obstacle. Instead he should give advice on how to structure the code better (what should be one class, what belongs in another, mostly code-architecture and refactoring).



  • The programming language itself doesn't matter to me, I am mostly interested in the architecture of such a game, not the syntax.
  • I also would like to avoid big Game Engines like Unity/UE4, since they make it more difficult for the advice-giver (esp. if different engines are used).
  • It may not even be necessary to have graphics at all, depending on the program we want to write.

If graphics are a thing, maybe something like this is sufficient:

  • C++ with SFML
  • Python with PyGame
  • Java with LWJGL / Slick2D / Processing

Or (if everyone wants to) writing a simple, barebone framework/engine with DX12 / OpenGL (although the project might get out of hand here)



  • The program itself is not meant to be a large project, but something that can be done within a month if you code 5 hrs/week.
  • It should be expandable when finished, e.g. adding new resources / units / levels / Skills or whatever


  • Could be Simulation game (economy or whatever)
  • Jump'n'run
  • Twin-stick-shooter
  • 2D Platformer

The project spans from early september to early-late october (depending on how much time and effort everyone is willing to spend).

Until early septemer I'd like to gather at least 4 people, set up the communication and dicuss the game we want to make.

A 2d-Artist or Soundengineer who'd like to support this by creating the art / sound for the game, would be HIGHLY appreciated, too, and offered constructive feedback on their work.

For this to work at least one motivated and experienced game-developer would be nice, although it might work out with aunty google, just not as smooth.


If anyone's interested, please leave a reply or send me a message.




My game idea:

a small RTS like Anno 1602, Empire Earth or Age of Empires (preferably 2D), not necessarily with enemies:

  • 2 basic resources (food, money)
  • 2 building resources (wood, stone)
  • 1 luxury good (maybe beer)
  • some buildings to produce food, wood, stone, beer (beer has some conditions) and houses for citiziens (too few citizens = no workers, too many = food-shortage)
  • Earn money with taxes (depending on citizen count)
  • leveling up buildings with luxury good (+ other resources) for higher productivity, tax-income, maybe even as a skill-tree so you can choose between different options

There's no end goal defined, just don't starve the citizens. The map could either be handcrafted or somewhat-random.

Afterwards you can add new buildings, resources, etc., it shouldn't be all to difficult, since you have blueprints in form of the other buildings.





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4 Participants right now,

we agreed on C# with monogame as our programming language

and are going to create a 2D-sidescroller like mario, without items

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another interested person joind, so i wanted to update the participants count

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