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Cube 2 or Panda3d

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I am making a first person shooter, and I'm looking for an engine. The only things I require are:

  • The engine is very lightweight
  • Can handle high polygon counts, normalmapping

I first was looking into the Cube 2 engine, based on how fast it runs on my nine year old dell laptop. I don't care too much about the shader, so I would probably use vanilla Cube 2, however, I don't know if there are limitations in Cube 2. There are several forks such as Tesseract that look better, and support HDR, but run slower. Cube 2 itself doesn't seem to have too much documentation, however, the thing that made me want to use it was a game called Red Eclipse. It has much better graphics than the actual Cube 2 game, still runs maxed out on my nine year old laptop, and led me to believe that a game like the one I want to make is possible with Cube 2.

The other engine I'm looking into is Panda3d. It seems to have more documentation, however, I'm not entirely sure how lightweight it is. My philosophy with game engines is that if you have good models, textures, and rigging, you can make a game that looks really good. All of the game engines that I'm talking about have shaders that are good enough, water that looks fine, etc. My only problem is that I know that some older engines (such as goldsrc) have limits on how many objects, polygons, texture resolutions and such. Playing Red Eclipse in cube 2 engine made me assume that cube 2 is capable, but I'm pretty sure that Panda3d might look a little better (its much more active). I don't know, however, how lightweight it is. Could anyone who knows about either engine please weigh in on this subject?

Thanks so much

P.S. If you know any other game engines that suit my needs PLEASE tell me

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In order to get a better response, you would need to indicate the target specifications for the machine your game will be running on, including graphics card (what pixel shader version does it run).

Also, how many polys are you looking to have on screen at any given time? You also should never render full polys at a distance, and can squeeze more frames by using low poly versions at (x) view distance.

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