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Remote visual debugger: asdbg

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Hey all! Thought I'd make a thread here about the tool I've been working on for the last few days: asdbg.

It's a remote debugger (as in it uses for IPC for the moment) with a visual code view.


It's not much and probably not really usable for any serious project right now, but I'm hoping to some day get it there and use this for debugging our game (and future ones :)).

It consists out of 2 parts, the host implementation code and the UI, so in theory it should be possible to implement the UI in something other than Windows (this is currently in C# WinForms, so it's Windows only for the time being).

Feedback is always welcome!

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Unfortunately not, I haven't gotten much time to work on it lately. I was also facing some strange issues when trying to use this in our game so it's definitely still not perfect either. Lots of work to be done on this, but it's a start!

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Little update on this, I've decided to continue working on this a bit.

A few new features, as you can now see breakpoints at the bottom as well as the callstack.

It's not super stable yet, but I did get it running on our game. (We were setting the asEP_BUILD_WITHOUT_LINE_CUES property for performance, which messed up a few things. asdbg will now warn you when this property is set.)


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