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Calculating position of the toe end effector

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I am not sure if the following figures are correct, because the mesh currently working okay and I can't do much to modify it under 3ds max.. so If the biped is at Vec3(0,1,0) which is the pelvis area and the mesh pivot is at Vec3(0,-1,0) below the biped which is at (0,0,0) then the resultant position of the toe end effector is at (x, 1.22, z)? the head is at (x, 0.8, z)? the finger is at (x, 0.8, z)? What is going on?

Is it correct to say that I can't put the mesh pivot and the biped pivot at the same spot which is 0,0,0 unless I lift up the mesh itself? Should I put the biped pivot at 0,0,0 and the pelvis offset will be

(x,1.0,z) etc...

I hate to admit this, because it is very difficult to handle the biped in 3ds max, especially you can't shift the biped down to 0,0,0 and it insists to go back to where it was (0,1,0)





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