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    • By AndyCo
      I`m looking for some project to boost up my portfolio, I`m not a pro but I`m not bad at all.
      Feel free to contact me.
    • By MoreLion
      Project Name:The Legends Gate:Battle Of Sorrugar
      Studio: Inbound Entertainment.
      Engine: Unreal Engine 4
      Platforms: PC And Mac(Steam) & Xbox One/PS4 (Very Very Far Future)
      Team Size:3
      Compensation: Royalty/Payback After Funding
      Roles Required:Environment Artist/3D Animator/Level Designer And Unreal Engine Programmer And Any Others!
      Project Length: Hoping For Release In 2020/2022
      [3D ANIMATOR/ENVIRONMENT ARTIST] - Realistic Assets/Textures - GUI Creation - Environment Asset Creation - Create Animations
      [PROGRAMMER REQUIREMENTS] - Fluent Programming - Work With Other Programmers And 3D Artists - Must Be Able To Create Combat Systems And NPC AI Systems
      About Me: I’m A Game Designer With A Bit Of Experience, I’ve Been Working On This Project Game Design Wise For Nearly 4 years.
      The Project Has Changed So Much, especially Story And GamePlay Wise.
      Project Description: Hello! Me And A Concept Artist Are Looking To Start Up This Team, You Can See What We Are Looking For Above, The Game Is A First Person RPG And Is Also Open World, This Is An Ambitious Project That I’ve Been Working On For 4 Years Game Design Wise And Story Wise. I Will Tell You More About The Story When You Apply Below. Also We Welcome Any Other Skills You Want To Offer As The Game Is Currently In Pre Production And Building A Team Is Very Important.
      Apply:DM Me On Discord riobio55#1958 or email me at liondude12@gmail.com
    • By Anthony Cao
      Okay, I want to find someone or a group whos in the process of making a browser game or mobile game or is interested in doing so. 
      Im interested in guiding and help choose the route the general direction of the game should lean twards. Of course it is your game and you do have the rights to refuse the suggestions i have to improve the game, I have marketing concepts and ideas in mind and i do take time studying other strategies as well as come up with my own strategies for success. 
      Look at it this way, you have a game you are trying to perfect, yet dont know how to raise a fanbase or increase player count, dont know how to generate revenue substantually. I have solutions to try, and as you may see it, I am your npc offering you the optional side quest to improve your game... Like normal side quests, they are optional but can be rewarding. 
      I dont need money or asking for it either, because my service is free, but if it does lead to success then a generous donation or hiring me as a permenent team member in the future might work for the best for me. 
    • By Just4lol
      I'm looking for my dream teammate(s) to help me work on my Unity game. I still dont know where Im going with that project but I want to make a good final product that I would be able to sell or publish it for free on Steam.  Here a video of the prototype (The only thing I dint made is the skybox) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Otmt9jRkc
      My discord : Just4lol#46982
      I want somone at least as competent as me : 
      - I want somone with at least one year of experience in Unity (already worked with scriptable object and know oop).
      - Already worked with shaders or can do editors tools is a plus.
      - Can do 3d models in Blender or can do 2d art for the ui or particles effects.
      - Can make soundtracks or sound effects a bonus.
      Im a french Canadian so mind my english I will do my best to edit any errors I see. 
    • By lucky6969b
      I want to calculate the position of the camera, but I always get a vector of zeros.

      D3DXMATRIX viewMat; pDev->GetTransform(D3DTS_VIEW, &viewMat); D3DXMatrixInverse(&viewMat, NULL, &viewMat); D3DXVECTOR3 camPos(viewMat._41, viewMat._42, viewMat._43); log->Write( L"Camera Position: %f %f %f\n", camPos.x, camPos.y, camPos.z);

      Could anyone please shed some lights on this?
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I'm trying to design a Rhythm First Person Shooter but it's proving to be more challenging than I expected.

The goal is freedom from FPS movement and agency mixed with the intense thrill of not messing up when things get hectic in a Rhythm game.

My inspirations for the rhythm aspect have come from games like One Finger Death Punch, Kick Beat, Beat Buddy, and Dance Dance Revolution.

I don't intend for it to be musically driven (like Beat Buddy). I'm more interested in rhythmic action (like One Finger Death Punch).


Any suggestions or ideas on how to make this happen would be incredible!

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I have no idea about the rhytm-aspect of your game, i did'n't play any of your examples,

but i do wonder why you picked first person shoot over third person shooter though.

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I was concerned with the character getting in the way of the action, rather than complimenting it. I supposed that all comes down to how I set it up though. 

I'm always open to suggestions.

How would you do a Rhythm Third Person Shooter? 

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A character could be made very thin or see-through(showing only the outlines)

1 hour ago, Yotingo said:

How would you do a Rhythm Third Person Shooter?

difficult question, i 've only played one or two rhytm-games,

i recall there was a rhytm-racing game that worked very well since racing is about movement and "notes" could be put in different lanes and the character/car would have to collect them while racing.

Shooters, on the other hand, are about aiming.

I think having a known rhytm/sound playing and while a certain (loud) note would sound it would five/tenfold all points a player gets for killing monsters would constitute a rhytm-shooter.

I wasn't saying 3rd person is better then  1st person btw, I was just thinking about some 3rd-person action games where combat is more melee-orientated and somethiplayng like "rhytm" is easier to imagine.


If you're going for shooting + rhytm you may want to think about 2D-sidescrolling  though,i recall some later sonic-games(2d action/jumper/platformer) going realy fast and the soundtrack being adapted to the gameplay,and i think this may be some half-form/first-attempt at action + rhytm BEFORE the rhytm-genre was actually discovered.(as far as shooters + action/jumping/melee is concerned, a (level-)designer can easily combine these by depleting/replenishing ammo)


You countered my question with your own question, so i have two more questions for you:

1) Are you making this game or just discussing it ?

2) WTF are rhytm-games ? i know about guitar-hero which you're not trying to make and a racing-cross-over, and a cross-over with RPG would be so easy it would go unnoticed,

but it  appears to me you don't have a clear idea about how a 1st-person-shooter + rhytm would  PLAY like, correct ?

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You bring up some great ideas! I googled rhythm-racing because I'd never heard of that before. It's as if Guitar Hero put a car on top of their music track. Seems interesting.

I think you're right about 2D side-scrolling, those are some of the first rhythm games I remember. Keeping the same sort of simplicity would be beneficial. I honestly don't have a lot of experience developing 2D vs 3D. I just love 3D games and I love rhythm games so that's really my motivation for trying to mix them together.  

1) Currently I'm prototyping this game. If I end up with something fun, I'll continue to develop it. Otherwise I'll move on to something different.

2) haha honestly I don't know the definition of a rhythm game. Everyone I've talked to seems to have a different idea about what they are and how they should work. You're right, I definitely don't have a clear idea of how 1st-person-shooter & rhythm would play. Experimental things are the best. :)

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