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connverting a WDK 7 project WDK 10 project

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Good day  forum.

Am trying to connvert a WDK 7 project (https://github.com/basil00/Divert. windowsdivert ) to WDK 10 (Environment is  Visual Studio  2015, Windows  10, windows Driver).

In the template for  windows drivers Visual Studio  2015 which are :

Kernel  Mode Driver (KMDF)

Kernel  Mode Driver (KMDF)  EMPTY

User  Mode Driver (UMDF V2)

User Mode Empty  (UMDF V2).

What is stressing is this, Would like to know  which should i use to start and populated the project.

Should i use the Kernel  Mode Driver (KMDF)  EMPTY, then  populate it  with codes  from Windivert 

Which  driver   template  should i use.

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