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Programmer looking for project

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Hey guys,

I'm quite new to game development (had two small projects in university with Unity and libgdx and wrote quite a bunch of Minecraft plugins and mods but that's mostly it) and want to expand my knowledge in a cool project. I'd love to find a project I'm passionate to work on. I personally don't play any browser or mobile game, thus I'd prefer a desktop game. I'd love to dig into fields like graphics (already had DirectX in university but would love to learn more), AI and general game programming. I'm mostly playing open world, RTS, tycoon, simulation and MOBA games but am open to new genres and ideas. It doesn't have to be a game, if you have an interesting project like an engine or something else just tell me. Even though I'd love to be a proud player of the game we will create. :)

If someone has a cool project just PM me, I'd love to hear about it and hopefully it will enthrall me as much as you!

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I am looking for a programmer to help making the combat element's of neo arcana to work. We have three pre made systems that could fit. But we would appreciate having someone to make it fit with the visual novel element's. Pm for more info

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