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Unreal Emissive Shader won't cast Light

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Hi guys, I was doing some material tests in Unreal to understand how to make them, the red glowing one is using a static mesh with  "Use Emissive for Static Lighting" enabled and the shader has "Emissive(Dynamic Area Light)" enabled and as you can see the area around it is tinted red, but the green shader which has the same settings is not lighting the area around it.

If you're wondering yes, I've rebuilt the lighting, Production level and several times, and yet not seeying the green light tinting the ground.

Any idea as to why this is not behaving as expected?



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New Information, image below.

As you see everything behind the Noise is unplugged, and the Noise is the node preventing the Emissive to illuminate the environment.

If I replace the noise with a flat constant color, then the Emissive illuminate the environment as espected.

Why Noise is breaking that feature??

EDIT: further discovery: is not the Noise in itself, is the lack of a position input or the disconnected nodes you see on the right (used to animate it) that prevent the emissive to illuminate the environment, because if I pass a constant node to the Noise Position input, then it illuminates the environment.

Any idea how to have it behave properly with my animations nodes on the left hooked up into position?




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